Tall Heights

Juniors Vinyl - Ruby & White Swirl [Signed Pre-Order]


Juniors is the third full length album from Tall Heights. This vinyl version, available on red and white swirled vinyl, will ship in February 2022.

Features gatefold packaging and a poster insert. Art by Will Whittington. Each pre-ordered copy includes a signed insert.

This LP is $25, but we invite you to pay more if you'd like. Every dollar goes directly to the band.

Side A:

1.) Keeps Me Light
2.) Locked Out
3.) Hear It Again
4.) Mountain Prelude
5.) The Mountain
6.) Waking Up

Side B:

7.) Raindrop
8.) Releaf
9.) Lonely World
10.) Come Outside
11.) Flyin' Overhead
12.) It's Insane

Please Note: Juniors Vinyl will ship in February 2022. If you want your other merch items (apparel, accessories) sooner, you will need to place a separate order. All pre-orders WITH vinyl are estimated to ship in February 2022.

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