Tall Heights

Juniors Vinyl - Ruby & White Swirl (Damaged)


This item contains slight damages to the vinyl jacket, including scuffed edges or slight bends. The vinyl is unscratched and playable.

All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

Juniors is the third full length album from Tall Heights. This vinyl version is available on red and white swirled vinyl.

Features gatefold packaging and a poster insert. Art by Will Whittington.

Side A:

1.) Keeps Me Light
2.) Locked Out
3.) Hear It Again
4.) Mountain Prelude
5.) The Mountain
6.) Waking Up

Side B:

7.) Raindrop
8.) Releaf
9.) Lonely World
10.) Come Outside
11.) Flyin' Overhead
12.) It's Insane

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